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Our brand new lure fishing website is here to bring you everything you will ever need for your type of lure fishing. We offer a large range of lure fishing tackle including a large selection of lure rods, spinning reels as well as hundreds of Hard lures and soft lures.This lure fishing tackle site should be able to provide you with want you want at the right price. If you can find what you like, please give us a call for expert advice on 01524 422146.

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Our Lure Fishing Tackle Shop has one of the U.K's largest selection of specialist fishing tackle for targetting hard fighting species including possibly largest selection of Lure Fishing Rods available in the UK.

We also now stock a huge range of Hard Lures including surface, shallow, mid and deep divers as well as and an extensive range of quality Japanese Bass Lures.

We offer both fixed spool and multiplier lure fishing reels made for hard fighting species like Bass, Cod and Pike, so you can get the perfect reel for the job, with a matching set of lure fishing rods in varying lengths for boat, shore and coarse fishing as well as for riverbank fishing for Salmon.

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